The Things That Inspire Me: Desks

Photography writers desk

A writer’s desk tells their story…


Printer's Writing Desk #potterybarn 64" wide x 32" deep x 30" high The writing desk has a single drawer with a drop-down front. The Tuscan chestnut finish is hand applied in layers, with distressing and burnished edges that give the desk the look of a well-loved antique.Were they messy or organized? Up to date or old-fashioned? Did they have bookcases near or did they write purely from their own inspiration? What other objects did they have on their desk besides their writing equipment? What inspired them?



I have always been inspired by the desks of other writers, famous or not. Here is a look at some famous writer’s desks.

Rudyard Kipling's Desk | Flickr - Photo Sharing! -- License: Copyright All rights reserved by cazjane97
Rudyard Kipling’s Desk


Desk ~ George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw


Jane Austen's writing desk (at the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, England) / Lizzie927 flickr
Jane Austen’s writing desk


The desk of Charles Dickens.
The desk of Charles Dickens.


The library ~ writing desk ~ Greenway
One of Agatha Christie’s writing desks


A Writer’s Room - Damon Young



I know how much I treasure and use my own roll-top writing desk. 🙂 What story does your desk tell about you?




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