So, here is the page with a little bit about me 🙂 First, I just want to say, I am so glad that you found your way to my blog! I hope that you will find something on here to enjoy or inspire you. And please leave me a note or comment as I love connecting with other people and other authors online!

My name is Candace Carroll and I make my home with my family in the great state of Texas. (And, no, it is not desert out here and I don’t own a horse. Though, I have seen some making their way down the road in my suburban neighborhood. Ahem.)

I am a nature-loving girl who bakes whenever she can. (In fact, I toyed with the idea of calling this a Literary food blog!)I have always loved the art of wordsmithing, but it took me a while to realize that a writer is what I am. When I am writing is when I feel the most alive and fulfilled.

I am so grateful for this amazing talent that God has given me and I write as an act of love to Him. When I was younger, I wrote short tales and drew pictures to go along with them. Now I write because I delight in telling stories. I love the chance to explore the world beyond my present time and place in history with my characters. Writing, for me, is a sanctuary and a retreat where anything is possible.

This is my blog/website and I hope that you will join me in my journey for inspiration as I write and live life.

And if you are wondering, here is a little bit more about me in a convenient question and answer format. 🙂

1. Have you published any books? Yes, I have self-published a non-fiction book on Amazon on one of my favorite topics. Check it out here. If you are interested, make sure to grab yourself a copy!

2.What are you currently working on? I am working on a historic novel set in northern England during the Victorian era. Let’s just say there are lots of dark manors, tea times and surprising (and romantic) twists of fate. Besides that, I need to set out a schedule for trimming (I like this word better than the dreaded word “editing”), my huge 130,000+ word fantasy/historic novel.
And find some time somewhere (Can I pull it out of thin air?) to continue working on my children’s series.

3. What inspires you? This is such a hard question.  Life can get so busy with work and family and just living life, that if I am not careful my creativity can suffer. One of the reasons I started this blog was to discover and cultivate and keep close those things that inspire me to write.
To name just a few: culinary history,  history in general, baking, hiking, nature, sunsets, flowers, gardening, music, candlelight, traveling.
I am also inspired a lot by other people. When I see someone else living a creative life or exploring their talents, it reminds me of the ones God has given me and pushes me to find my own creativity.

4. What do you do besides your writing? I have a very busy life besides the writing that I do on here and on my novels. I am a virtual assistant and a beginning webmaster (mistress?) trained in WordPress besides having another part time job. I was also a sometime music teacher and I am still a wanna-be librarian. (Is there any better job than being surrounded by books all day?!)

5. What does your writing time look like? I usually like to grab a couple of hours in the afternoon, preferably after lunch, to work on one writing project or another. I think best after all the really important stuff on my to-do list for the day has been done. I’ll find some good music, say a prayer for guidance and then start in on whatever I have chosen to work on that day.
And for me, it doesn’t have to be strictly ‘writing’ per say. If I am researching, plotting, planning or making character write-ups, I consider it work on my writing.  I always have more ideas than time, it seems!
I have found that it is the discipline of sitting down every day that I can and actually writing, whatever it may be, whether than how much time you take up or how many words you write, that matters the most. Forming good habits, remember?

6. Coffee or tea? Tea, please. Chai, if you have it with a little milk and sugar. Thanks 🙂