Ingredients for a perfect day of summer reading…

The essentials of summertime reading:


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Pinterest for Writers and Authors: Love it or Hate it?

How to Use Pinterest (2)

I know what you are thinking. Isn’t Pinterest the writer’s worst form of distraction ever? Yes. Yes and no. Please raise your hand if you have been guilty of pinning instead of writing! (Solemn raise of the hand from yours truly.)

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The Myrtles in Bloom

Crepe Myrtle
I love how the crepe myrtles blossom in the dead heat of summer…

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To Begin…

The road goes ever on and on...

I have been putting off this first post, because, even though I am a writer, starting something new always feels like a ball of emotions. Exciting, interesting and okay, awkward.

A new blog, a new book, a new post, a new challenge, a new endeavor, a new journey.

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