I’m Back!

Hi Everyone!

Just a little note to say: I’m back to my little lair here on the internet 🙂

And the regular scheduled blog posting should begin again shortly.

Thank you!


Going Away For Awhile…

Just popping in here real quick to let you all know that I will be on hiatus for the rest of this month (August) and through the end of September.

I will be traveling abroad and gathering new experiences and ideas! 🙂

There won’t be any posts while I am gone, but you are more than welcome to read through the old posts in the archives.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your summer!

Why Are You Writing?

Is it just me or does everyone, once they have been writing a while, ask themselves the above question? Why in the world am I writing? And why am I writing this?

I suppose it happens to everyone and not just writers. That moment when you have come a ways in your chosen activity or pursuit and you wonder why you started it?

That’s when I discovered you have to remind yourself of your “Why”.
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Book Art

There is more than one way to enjoy a book and the printed page! 😉

Book Paper Art Sculpture Tree of Life by MalenaValcarcel on Etsy

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What is a Story Outline?

Whenever I get a new idea for a story, one of my favorite parts of the writing process is the outlining phase. But what exactly is a story outline? Well, I like to think of it as the chance to get your story and all its ideas out into the light from the swirl in your brain. Where you can see them and examine them. You can really make outlining as easy or as hard a phase as you want.

Some people like to jump right into writing their first draft and see where their ideas will take them without any prep work beforehand.

I am not one of those people though! Maybe it’s because I was taught in school that to write a good story, research paper, letter, whatever; it is important to at least have an idea of what you are going to say!

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