Books and Tea Are All You Need…



Some Favorite Authors…

As writers, we all have those particular authors who inspire us and teach us. We love their stories and read them again and again.  Maybe they are the authors who first got us interested in writing our own stories. Maybe they were the authors who encouraged us that, “If they did it, so can I!” 🙂 We pick up every book we find by them, because we know we will learn something new or enjoy yet another fabulous tale.

Louisa May Alcott                       William Shakespeare                        Robert Frost

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Summer Reading List ~ Take II

I’m looking forward to digging into my large TBR list again this summer! I don’t know about you, but everything in life seems to slow down in the summer and I find I have more time to read, write and enjoy the printed page. 🙂

Here is what I am looking forward to reading this summer…

Jane Austen in Style


I have had this book for a while now and I am looking forward to learning about the world of one of my favorite authors! I might be doing a little bit of research too….




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Because the Words…

Why does a writer write? Because the words call to us. The stories won’t tell themselves. If there is one thing authors all have in common, it is their love of words. Words are our paint. Our clay. Our plants in our garden. Building our imaginary worlds with words makes us architects.

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Book Wisdom

“When you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.”
– Anne of Green Gables

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”
– The Phantom Tolbooth

“It is never too late to be wise.”
– Robinson Crusoe



Taking a Break… Sort of

After looking over my schedule for this coming summer, I have made the decision to cut back on the amount of posting that I am doing here on the blog.

I really love posting here and finding new things to share with you all that inspire me!

But, I have found that writing on here tends to take time away from my writing time on my WIPs. I want to focus on them more and see if I can’t get them finished before I am another year older! 🙂 Also, I have a few online classes that I am currently enrolled in that are adding another dimension to stretch myself into!

So starting after the month of May, and then from there on out (or at least through this summer and fall), I will be posting about once or twice a month. Maybe more if I find something super inspiring! 🙂

Thank you all for reading and following and I would love to hear from you about what inspires you as a writer and author!

•Echium vulgare ‘Blue Bedder’ (Annual Bugloss) • Linaria ‘Canon Went’ •Verbena bonariensis

England Inspired

It’s been a little over a month since I returned from my two week trip across the pond to visit a country I have always dreamed of seeing. England!

British flag

It was definitely winter while I was there! Most of the time, the houses and streets looked like this –

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