The Things that Inspire Me: Books

When you are a writer, it is a given that one of your biggest inspirations is books!
Why would we want to write them, if we don’t love them to?

love letters hidden in our books, how many lovers did you have he he...

But it’s not just the promise of a wonderful story inside that is the inspiration. That is only part of it.


No further info from original pinner other than this name Jacques Garcia



The other part is the beauty of the book itself. The leather cover. The beautiful pictures. The feel of the pages (And yes, the wonderful smell of a new book! 🙂




Books for sale in the Camden market, London ~~ Nuts. There's a couple there I want.



Sometimes books can tell a story besides the one that they hold on their pages.





The book is a treasure in and of itself.

"Pick a page. Not your book? I bet it is. Just pick a page. That one? Read it. How could it be? I made it for you. Pick another one. Which one? This one ... Ok... Oh, you blush ... Hahaha ... Don't worry. I did it on purpose. I'm glad you've enjoyed the memories. Let me sign it for you. Remember: every time you think of a page, it will open up for you. And my voice, will read it to you." f. wolff

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