Hi there and thank you so much for stopping by my cozy little nook of this immense place called the Internet! I hope that you will enjoy yourself as you look around!
First, I would like to let you know that you haven’t come to your typical “writer’s blog” here. I am a writer first, (and a published author ), but this blog is my place to keep in the forefront of my mind all that inspires me to write in the first place.
So, yes, on this blog, there will be posts about writing and all that goes into it (It is my favorite subject!), but there will be other things too.
Things like, snippets of history, escapades from the kitchen, beautiful things that catch my fancy and whatever else touches my mind and seeks expression here. Yes, I guess you would call it a typical “blog”. 🙂
I hope that you will find something on here that will encourage, inspire and maybe even teach you!
If you comment, I will definitely try to answer as soon as I can. (Cross my heart!)

What is the meaning behind my blog’s name?
Why legends? And why roses?
Because for me they suggest the beauty of our imaginations, both the grand and the humble.
On the one hand, you have the glory of the great stories that last for generations, repeated by a father or mother around the fireplace at night. Legends.
And on the other, there is the transient, exquisite beauty of the flowers that bloom in all their brilliance and then leave us after a week. Roses.
They symbolize the enduring and the vanishing. The beauty in simple things and in the long journey. The romance and intricacy of the stars in our eyes and the common garden path. These are incredibly, perfectly and breathtakingly intertwined.