Writer, Storyteller, Author…

A Girl Writing," Henriette Browne (1829-1901)

I thought that was a rather clever blog post title when I first wrote it up, but then I realized, aren’t these really all the same words for the same person?

Well, sort-of. I like to think of these three words as the path that a person who loves to write (Writer) takes to tell a story (Storyteller) and then, if they wish, publish their work (Author).

But yet, that isn’t quite right, either.

They are the all one in the same words and yet they are different.

(And this doesn’t even touch those amazing people out there that hold the title of bibliophile! Readers are a whole different world than writers 🙂 Or are they also one in the same? Hmmm. I should think about that one.)

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