Prayer of a Writer

Prayer of a Writer

(I came across this in my reading and really liked it! Wish I could frame it and put it on my wall. I hope you will enjoy it too!)

By: Arthur Gordon from A Touch of Wonder

Lord of all things, whose wondrous gifts to man
Include the shining symbols known as words,
Grant that I may use their mighty power
Only for good. Help me to pass on
Small fragments of Your wisdom, truth, and love.
Teach me to touch the unseen, lonely heart
With laughter, or the quick release of tears.
Let me portray the courage that endures
Defiant in the face of pain or death;
The kindness and the gentleness of those
Who fight against the anger of the world;
The beauty hidden in the smallest things;
The mystery, the wonder of it all….
Open my ears, my eyes; unlock my heart,
Speak through me, Lord, if it be Your will. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Prayer of a Writer

  1. David King

    Hello Candace

    I wrote this poem inspired by this post.

    The Heart He Gave Me
    by David King

    The Lord Who is in me, speaks through the heart he gave me;
    For it was always this way, His intent to be One with his Own;
    Crying; hurting; aching to feel His presence and the loss when
    I separate myself, within myself and I feel alone without Him.

    I was made in His image and look how far I’ve strayed,
    doing my own will, my own way as He stands back and watches;
    waits; knowing who I am and that I will return and He knows that;
    And He waits for me to once more wait upon Him…oh my precious Lord.

    And when He speaks, I am not my own, my heart is no longer mine;
    I am His and the demons step back, for the light pushes them back;
    And the words which flow through me is of perfect love, there is no fear;
    I belong to God…and He belongs to me, I rest in His peace, I rest in Him.

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