The Things that Inspire Me: Bookshelves

I have always loved bookshelves. Partly because of the treasures they hold in the form of the books on their shelves, but also because of the beautiful way they beckon to explore other worlds.

This imaginative homeowner made good use of some unused space in his Kennebunk, Maine attic. Creating a library/study using old furniture, simple bookshelves, oriental rugs and other items to make this space a cozy and interesting place to read or just hang out and relax. Sometimes it doesn't take much, just a little creativity.:

Now this is UNIQUE! And definitely my kind of entryway! I would love to have this somewhere in my old house.: Something similar but move the bookshelves on to the walls flanking the window, so you get more light in:




Call me a romantic, but I like to think of them as the portals for our imaginations.





I may or may not still dream about finding secret passage ways in my house.: Whether big, small, narrow, long or short. Old and covered with scuffs, nicks and patina or new and fresh, makeshift or sturdy and solid. Bookshelves should be some of our most treasured pieces of furniture.




window seat for books lover......:

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