What would they have thought?!

Sometimes, when I am discouraged with my writing, to distract myself, I like to think about what a famous author of the past would have said if they were alive today and could see how we write now days.

George Washington: What do you mean you no longer practice penmanship in schools? How can one even think of doing away with such an important accomplishment?

Jane Austen: Emails? But what about love letters?! *Gasp*

Charles Dickens: Wow! London sure has changed!

Louisa May Alcott: You mean I can sit down at this contraption you call a computer and simply type out my whole manuscript?! And you have a printer at home!!! *Double gasp*

Beatrix Potter: Does self-publishing mean I can include my own illustrations as I would like them?

Laura Ingalls Wilder: At the click of a button, I can actually pull up everything I have spent time writing down my memories about?

J.R.R. Tolkien: My, my – books do not translate well to movies. (Iā€™m kidding šŸ™‚ )

Cheezburger - View all captions for this meme!

What would they, who had to sit with mountains of paper before them and inky fingers and messy quill pens, say if they could see us with our computers, smartphones and internet today?

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