Why Are You Writing?

Is it just me or does everyone, once they have been writing a while, ask themselves the above question? Why in the world am I writing? And why am I writing this?

I suppose it happens to everyone and not just writers. That moment when you have come a ways in your chosen activity or pursuit and you wonder why you started it?

That’s when I discovered you have to remind yourself of your “Why”.

The “why” for what you are doing is something that you have to have decided upon before you began, either consciously or sub-consciously. Then, when the going gets tough, you can remind yourself of the why for what you are doing and press onward!

A “why” for what you are doing can be anything really. But for writing, maybe it is because it is what you feel you were called to do your whole life. Maybe it’s because you want to see your name in print. Maybe it’s to see if you can make it as a writer.
To show your family that this is what you were madly scribbling about all along. To express yourself through art. Maybe just because you have a story to tell and want to write it down.

Your “why” is what keeps you coming back even if you have to let your writing go for awhile or it is difficult to continue.

I have found my “why” for writing. 🙂

How about you?

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