Looking Beyond the Novel…


So, this is just a little something I have been thinking about recently. Writing “The Novel” seems to be most writer’s grandiose sense of some form of accomplishment. We have now written a huge, epic volume with thousands of words and amazing characters, plots and descriptions beyond belief! Ta-da!
Now, don’t get me wrong! Writing a novel is a wonderful and amazing goal and a fascinating (though, at times, a really hard) journey. Sometimes our writing just seems to grow of its own accord!
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An Autumn Reading List

When this season of autumn roles around, I always get hit by something I like to call “Awakening of the Memories”. Okay, it sounds nice, but it is just my really fancy term for a tender sense of nostalgia as the days get shorter and colder. 🙂 I always like to pull out some of my favorite children’s books around this time and peruse them. They are treasures to me that really remind me of the simpler times. I thought I would share some of my favorite children’s books to re-read in the autumn.

Little Woman
Set in New England during the Civil War, I read this story when I was younger and absolutely have never forgotten the beautiful, homey world of the March sisters.



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