Looking Beyond the Novel…


So, this is just a little something I have been thinking about recently. Writing “The Novel” seems to be most writer’s grandiose sense of some form of accomplishment. We have now written a huge, epic volume with thousands of words and amazing characters, plots and descriptions beyond belief! Ta-da!
Now, don’t get me wrong! Writing a novel is a wonderful and amazing goal and a fascinating (though, at times, a really hard) journey. Sometimes our writing just seems to grow of its own accord!

But, I think, we might be making a big mistake by narrowing ourselves and not looking for the opportunities to tell a story even if it is not in a certain format. What about the other types of writing out there? As writers, I don’t  think we shouldn’t limit ourselves to only the single niche of writing labeled “The Novel”. Everyone has a story and sometimes those stories are not vast, detailed or long. Sometimes the challenge can be to tell a story for a child in a few simple sentences or let our writing be raw and open as we tell of a personal experience.
How about short stories, poetry, or children’s books? Ever thought about seeing if you could write magazine articles and blog posts? Nonfiction can be just as exciting as writing fiction if you are interested in the topic you are researching. Even essays and journaling are great ways to flex our writing muscles in a different and unique direction. And why stop there? How about fan-fiction or trying your hand at writing a script for a movie or a play?
If you are in the middle of writing a novel and find yourself dragging along, losing yourself among the endless details, it might be a great idea to stop and just write something shorter. This can help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and give you the satisfaction of finishing something quickly.
And it might help you see that novel through new eyes!

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