What I learned writing the first draft of my novel…

Writing my very own novel has always been a dream of mine. I actually finished the first draft of my first novel in 2016. I have only taken a peek or two at it since then though I eventually plan to dig into it deeper and refine it more. I am now in the midst of banging out the words of my second novel set in a totally different time period and place.

But, I learned some very valuable lessons from writing my first novel that helped give me the confidence to even attempt a second try at another story idea. I want to share them with you (in convenient bullet form of course!)
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Keep Writing!


(So, this is going to be a little talk to myself in blog format. You’re welcome to listen in if you want too, though I warn you that it might get a little interesting! 🙂 )

When you finish writing one book, when the research is done and the edits are complete, what do you do? Yes, publishing it might be the obvious next step. But, as I heard one great author say, take a deep breath, stand up, sit down again, take another deep breath and start another book. I am paraphrasing of course, but it really stuck with me. I think that that statement goes more to the heart of what it means to be a writer.

“Okay…” she whispered timidly, completely out of character. Anne-Sophia opened the journal, searching for a particular passage, he presumed. Then she started narrating. “‘It was a becoming, it truly was.’”:

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