What I learned writing the first draft of my novel…

Writing my very own novel has always been a dream of mine. I actually finished the first draft of my first novel in 2016. I have only taken a peek or two at it since then though I eventually plan to dig into it deeper and refine it more. I am now in the midst of banging out the words of my second novel set in a totally different time period and place.

But, I learned some very valuable lessons from writing my first novel that helped give me the confidence to even attempt a second try at another story idea. I want to share them with you (in convenient bullet form of course!)

Take some time to think about each one, they are actually lessons that I think all writers have to learn eventually.

  • Just get the words on paper and then you can craft them.
  • Writing really is hard work.
  • It’s okay to have a terrible first draft.
  • You don’t have to do all the research right away.
  • You can change things!
  • As you write, more ideas will come.
  • Listen to your characters and let them tell you who they are.
  • Making it up as you go is totally fine!
  • If you learn something later on, it is okay to change your story to add it in.
  • The story will bug you until you write it.
  • Writing is really just self-discipline with a load of creativity attached.
  • Writing does get easier as you go.
  • Have fun! You are creating something no one has ever written or read before and that is exciting!
  • It feels great to have written a book.

I would say that the most important thing that I learned is that everyone writes at their own pace. Just because you aren’t a fast writer doesn’t mean that you can’t write a novel. Your writing and the way you express yourself is unique to you. So, don’t give up! Write that novel! You can do it! 🙂

"Every first draft is perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist." - Jane Smiley

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