The Things That Inspire Me: Pens

Because just like paper and its amazing history, pens and the tools we write with have a history all their own just as fascinating!

My Dearest, I have been thinking of you~but, that's is nothing new~



If at first man decided that he needed something to write his thoughts upon, the next thing he needed was something to write with.




henry simpole gold overlay fountain pen


And just like paper, the writing utensils we have used down through the ages have been tremendously varied. Everything from reeds to quills to fountain pens, brushes and styluses have been used. And now in our modern age, we can be found using keyboards and computers most often 🙂




Nothing can beat a good ballpoint pen in a pinch though! Some day I would like learn how to write with a quill pen. What is your favorite writing tool?

The smell of ink: "A fantasy note that is reminiscent of India ink. Ink notes are also surfacing from natural materials such as oakmoss." (Fragrantica)

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