The Things that Inspire Me: Paper

Yes, something as simple as paper can be inspiring. Paper is the material that some of the greatest thoughts have been printed and written upon. Such a humble substance, but with such an amazing history!

Handmade paper. My favorite.

From ancient times to the current era, man has needed something to write his stories, reflections and knowledge upon. And for many years, man wrote on stone, wax and strips of papyrus and plants.

All sizes | Vintage Paper 5 - FREE TEXTURE | Flickr - Photo Sharing!





Paper has come in so many different forms. From rice paper to parchment paper, to notebook paper – paper sure has come a long way!



This paper is the best! I love to wright on it. It is so soft.


Paper has held so many precious thoughts, hopes, memories and dreams. Sometimes, it even held the scent of perfume and flowers to bring loved ones closer. Sometimes just the scribbles and coloring of a child.


3 thoughts on “The Things that Inspire Me: Paper

  1. Zarah Parker

    I think paper is really cool, too. Especially when you say how it holds memories, thoughts, etc. It’s the reason the first thing I look for are old written on post cards at antique shops! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Zarah! Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry that I am just now seeing it 🙂 Glad you liked the post! And what a good idea to look for old writing on post cards! The stories that are told on them are so fascinating!


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