Green Heart

Underneath, its green…

Days shorten, autumn comes;
How do the trees know the difference?
Do they feel it in their roots,
in their bark, in their leaves?
Even as they fall asleep for the winter,
they will awaken anew in the spring.
For under the layers of wood,
Each tree has a green heart…

4 thoughts on “Green Heart

  1. Samuel Blevins


    I’m new to your site and I’m already a fan. Your writing is lovely and may I say, you are beautiful. I saw your picture at the bottom of the page. I’m so wowed by you. Are you a single lady? I would love to write you.




    1. Hi Samuel,

      Thank you for your very kind comments! I am very flattered 🙂

      I would prefer to keep the conversation on my blog. That way everyone can enjoy and benefit from the shared interaction! I hope you will understand.

      And I hope that you will continue to enjoy what I post on here! All the best!


      1. Samuel Blevins


        Okay, I can stay within your boundaries.

        Are you single? What state do you live in?

        What about writing brings you joy? Do you love literature more than media or is it about the same?

        I love to write, but I enjoy talking about stories more than the discipline of putting them down on paper.

        I await your answers. I’m really glad to have met you.



      2. Hi Samuel,

        Glad to met you as well. Thank you for your understanding. Since this is my writer/author blog I am trying to keep it on topic 🙂

        In answer to your questions, have you checked out my About page at all?

        I tend to like literature and media about evenly, maybe literature a little bit more. If you are interested in talking about stories and their structures, you should check out K.M. Weiland’s website. She is great at helping new writers figure out how to put their stories on paper.


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