The Things that Inspire Me: Libraries

Spiral Staircase, Library, Budapest, Hungary My dream library for my dream house:

Because if there is one place a writer finds inspiration, it’s the library.

Even thought the relevancy of physical books (and the space to store them) is diminishing, this is a beautiful library.:

Researching, daydreaming among the rows and stacks, soaking in the stories.

Trinity College Library; Yes, it's Ireland, BUT LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS!!! And there are 12 others just as amazing :):

Holding onto the hope that one day, your book will be on those shelves.

WOW... A little bit ornate for me, but I LOVE the idea of a library like this and the steps are fabulous! More:

Remembering that each volume is a portal for the imagination and the hard work of many hands.

Actually, I'll take one of each... and also I'll need to win th lotto or something to fill both:

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