Helpful Tips to Help with Writing

This is just a short list of a few things I have found that (for me at least!) are helpful to remember and do when I am sitting down to write.

  • If at all possible, turn off your internet. The internet is such a major distraction when you are trying to turn out the word count!
  •  And keep your smartphone far, far away. In fact, you could even have someone you know hid it from you for a while as long as they will remember where they put it!
  •  Alternately, you could use your smartphone as a timer. I do this. That way you can jerk yourself back to reality or remember that you had only planned to research the train routes in World War I France for so long! 🙂
  • Write in short bursts and chunks.
  •  Write consistently if at all possible. Writing a book is all about discipline, perseverance and putting in the time.
  • Edit as you go if you must! I have to personally because I am always thinking of something new to add, but do remember that it is your first draft!
  • Be yourself in your writing. Write from your heart and don’t try to copy someone else.
  • Music is a great help to get your creative brain going especially if you have hit a rough writing patch.
  • Tea helps too!
  • And remember to give yourself time, grace and be patient with your story! Writing is an art that takes a process to learn.

How about you? Do you have any tips for making your writing time easier? I would love to hear them!

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